Women in franchising

Franchising is becoming an increasingly popular option for women looking to run their own business, and here at Marston’s we have a number of successful female franchisees.

Franchising can be the ideal option for women who want the opportunity to run their own business, but without the high levels of risk associated with starting a business from scratch. As a franchisee with Marston’s you have the benefit of taking on an established business with excellent training provision and ongoing operational support. 

Hear from one of our female franchisees who found that franchising was the perfect career option…

Natalie Hodgson

“I wanted to be self-employed and had often talked with my partner about how great it would be to have our own pub, so one day I decided to take the plunge and start looking in to it. I knew it would be a big lifestyle change and it is 24/7, but the satisfaction is so much greater than with any other job I've had. To see the business growing makes all the effort and the hard work worth it. Marston’s have been so supportive throughout the process. When I need help they are there, but they are not overbearing. They trust me to do what's needed to build the business.”