Designate Managers

What is a Designate Manager?

Our Designate Managers run businesses within our community pub estate for periods of two weeks to two months at a time when there is no fixed manager in place. This could be because the site is a vacancy waiting to be filled, or because there is a need to cover holidays or sick leave.

Where do they work?

We have a variety of managed community pubs, with over 80 across the country. These range from modern town or city based pubs to traditional rural village pubs. Although our community pubs operate under one of two formats – Urban or Village – they have an individual feel and reflect the needs of their customers through involvement in events and activities. The focus of these pubs is truly on meeting the needs of local people, ensuring they have a great experience each and every time they visit. 

Who would make a good Designate Manager?

Our Designate Managers need to be able to travel throughout our estate, in order to complete the required holding reliefs. As a Designate Manager, you’ll need to have experience of working in a hospitality or catering environment, with a proven track record in managing and developing teams and implementing profit-driving sales ideas. High operational standards will be essential to the success of each site as will the ability to integrate well with the local community through your communication skills and the provision of activities and events. You will be exposed to many of our brands and menu formats, so the ability to adapt to different trading styles is vital.

Case study: Kai Osgood

Kai was a Designate Manager at the Acorn in Nuneaton and has since been appointed as a General Manager at the Block and Tackle in Ashington.

“I was motivated to take the Acorn as a Designate Manager because I could see the potential that it had and how quickly it could improve with the right manager. The Designate Manager role worked for me as it gave me the opportunity to gain experience of different formats. I worked with many different teams and Area Managers. The role is a good stepping stone to a permanent appointment, so it’s ideal for an Assistant or Deputy looking for the next step in their career.”

“I would advise anyone applying for the Designate role to be prepared for hard work, and they’ll need to think outside the box at times. It does bring great job satisfaction though. The biggest challenge in the first few months was adapting to not being in the same place all the time, and potentially living out of a suitcase so to speak, but the excitement and having a new challenge every month or so makes up for this.”

Interested in applying for a Designate Manager role?

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