Our beer brands

Marston’s has five breweries across the UK where we produce more than 60 of the country’s best loved ales. The brewing arm of our business is going from strength to strength, with our brand portfolio continuing to outperform the market. 

Breweries and brands

Here’s a snapshot of the great ales we’re renowned for, and for which we've won a whole host of awards, including being named the Publican's Choice Best National Cask Ale Supplier for 2016.


Marston’s Pedigree is famous for being the only beer still brewed in Britain using Burton well water. In 2013 Pedigree celebrated its 60th anniversary.


Brewed at Wychwood Brewery in Witney, Oxfordshire, Hobgoblin is a mischievous ruby beer and the unofficial sponsor of Halloween.

Cumberland Ale

This traditional golden ale is brewed using water from the well at Jennings Brewery in the Lake District. It’s won heaps of awards and is Jennings best-selling brand outside of the Lakes.


This light and refreshing beer became part of Marston’s portfolio when we acquired Thwaites’ beer division in 2015.


This is where our team have pushed the boundaries! Our Revisionist series is an exciting range which has intrigued beer fans.

Banks's Amber Bitter

A classic English session bitter which balances mouth-filling bitter and delicate sunny malt sweetness. It's brewed at Banks's Park Brewery in Wolverhampton.


This Ringwood beer was first brewed in 1978 and is a firm favourite. Visit the Winding Downs and give it a try!