Why partner with Marston's?

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose to partner with Marston’s to make your dream of running a pub become a reality.

Beer range Retail agreement pub

1. We’ll support you from day one

Before you take on your pub, you’ll attend our Interface induction programme. This will make sure that you’ve got the skills and knowledge you need to hit the ground running. We’ll cover everything from tapping a cask to cashing up.

2. Our quality pubs

We’ve got a huge variety of pubs, and they’re great quality. Our pubs are regularly refurbished and you can be sure that you’ll be taking on a pub of which you can be proud.

3. Our great products

We're one of the few pub companies with a brewing arm and we're incredibly proud of our fantastic beer portfolio (which includes Pedigree, Hobgoblin, and Lancaster Bomber to name a few), and we know our customers love them too. Our award winning menus have also gone down a storm.

4. Our team of experts

Your Area Manager will be your first port of call for any day to day queries, as well as helping you put your sales driving ideas into practice. You’ll also benefit from the expertise of our award-winning Customer Services team, front of house and kitchen trainers and Beer Quality Technicians. Our retail agreement itself is tried and tested, having been in operation for over six years.

5. We do things properly

When someone applies to take on one of our pubs we want to be sure they’re making the right decision. Our recruitment process is designed to make sure you know exactly what you’re taking on and that you’ve done the right research and have the right plans in place. It might mean things take a bit longer, but we want to be sure we’re doing the right thing for you and for us.